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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Using custom LDAP SearchHandler in ApacheDS 1.5.7
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2010 09:45:08 GMT
  On 10/18/10 9:20 AM, Jukka Väänänen wrote:
> Hi,
> For testing purposes I need LDAP server that simulates some failure conditions and such
on search request. With my limited research it would seem that I could do that with custom
SearchHandler. But I can't find out how I can define custom SearchHandler to be used. Is there
documentation on this somewhere? Can someone enlighten me? Is this something that can be done
with configuration or does it need code changes?

Without modifying the server code, it's not possible. However, you only 
have one place you have to deal with if you want to substitute the 
standard handling of search request in order to do what you want.

The project apacheds-protocol-ldap has a class which deal with 
all the search requests, and you can modify it, *or* you can also define 
your own handler and inject it when the LdapServer instanc eis being 

Let's go for the second options. The class, in the same 
sub-project ( apacheds-protocl-ldap) initialize the handlers in the 
installDefaultHandlers() method :

         if ( getSearchHandler() == null )
             setSearchHandler( new SearchHandler() );

You can define your own SeahcHandler class, and inject it in place.

If you don't want to do that, then back to modifying the SearchHandler 
class itself. It's just a matter of modifying the handler() method. In 
order to generate an error, you have to call the handleException() 
method with the appropriate exception (all the LDAP errors are mapped to 
the appropriate LdapException extended class).

Hope it's clear enough...

Emmanuel Lécharny

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