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From Owen Jacobson <>
Subject apacheds-maven-plugin and ApacheDS 1.5.7
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2010 16:40:34 GMT
Hi there,

As you may have seen in another thread this morning, someone's asked
that I upgrade apacheds-maven-plugin to ApacheDS 1.5.7. This hasn't
gone as smoothly as I had hoped.

ApacheDS 1.5.7's mechanism for populating the schema directory
involves trawling through every entry in the java.class.path system
property looking for JARs that contain schema files. The relevant code
is in . Maven
doesn't use -classpath (or set java.class.path) when running plugins,
so this mechanism fails - the only JAR it finds is Maven's classworlds
bootstrap JAR, which obviously has nothing interesting in it. In fact,
this mechanism fails for any program that doesn't use the root
classloader to load ApacheDS.

I think the only universally workable solution is to change the
packaging for the schema LDIF files so that instead of being scanned,
each JAR that contains schema files also contains an index file at a
known location (such as META-INF/apacheds/schema) listing all of the
schema files in that JAR. Unfortunately, that's a pretty
labour-intensive solution (it means anyone who adds a schema to
shared-ldap-schema or related artifacts has to remember to update the
index as well, or that someone has to tune the build to generate the
index file. I'm happy to set this up, if it turns out to be the best
solution. (As you can tell, I'm already fairly adept at extending
Maven. :)

I see in trunk that ResourceMap now accepts a system property that can
be set to the locations of JARs to load to skip classpath scanning.
This doesn't completely help, either, since I'm hesitant to do things
with global side effects (like set System properties) in the middle of
a Maven plugin. I can come up with a list of relevant JARs by trawling
the artfact information in my plugin, so if there were a way to pass
that list directly to ResourceMap I'd prefer to use that. I can write
that up as a patch, if you're interested.

I don't think there's a good solution for supporting ApacheDS 1.5.7 in
apacheds-maven-plugin as it stands, unfortunately. If anyone has any
thoughts that don't involve temporarily faking the java.class.path
system property, I'm all ears.


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