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From "Wasscher, Ewald" <>
Subject Error message: ERR_00004 The PDU buffer size is too small !
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2010 09:50:39 GMT
Good day,

We're currently testing Apache Directory Server (ADS) in a custom environment for a customer
of ours. In this environment ADS is used to store certificates and certificate revocation
lists. At first everything seemed to be working fine, but we encounter an error that seems
to randomly occur every now. When adding an object, viewing an object in Directory Studio
or adding attributes (the certificate) to an existing object this fails with the following
message in apacheds-rolling.log: ERR_00004 The PDU buffer size is too small !. After encountering
this error I twice raised the max PDU buffer size in server.xml to:


And restarted the server. Unfortunately the error still occurs every now and then. I'd appreciate
if someone could explain why this occurs and, if possible, how this can be fixed. I added
a log fragment, which is, for the sake of readability, an attachment. The company name as
it occurs in the log file has been modified.

Best regards,

Ewald Wasscher

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