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From Owen Jacobson <>
Subject Re: apacheds-maven-plugin
Date Mon, 06 Sep 2010 17:45:17 GMT

On 2010-09-06, at 1:14 PM, Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot wrote:

> Hi Owen,
> I took some time this afternoon to test the plugin and, as expected, it's very interesting
and works well.
> I created a simple Maven project and configured the 'maven-failsafe-plugin' plugin to
run a simple test which tries to connect to the directory server created by your plugin.
> At the moment, the configuration options are only covering a small set of Apache DS'
configuration, but it's definitely a good starting point.

There's a reason the version number is 0.1. :) I only put enough configurability in to let
my own test suite pass. The most obvious shortcomings are the lack of SSL and SASL support,
the lack of any control over indexing, and the lack of control over interceptors. As discussed
in IRC, it sounds like the configuration mechanisms for ApacheDS are changing in the near
future, so I'll need to put some time in and see how trunk works.

Let me know if there are any specific features you'd like to see added, though, and I can
definitely have a look.

> I really think this Maven plugin adds some value to ApacheDS when it's used during integration.
> Great work!



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