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Subject Re: [Studio] Auto reloading schema (WAS: Re: [ApacheDS] Cannot enable custom schema such as mozilla schema)
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2010 03:09:09 GMT
  Personally I think that is a very logical idea. And would save people 
(like me) being bitten on the bum by this!

> Just a random thought I had while reading this thread in the background. It
> might be nice to have Studio check the timestamp on the ou=schema entry to
> see if it was modified since the last load.
> If a schema entity changes the container above it has it's modifiedTimestamp
> altered to reflect the time of the change and this bubbles up. This is how I
> had implemented it in the past. Don't know if this still holds but it would
> be easy to check. Also somewhere we store the timestamp in a special entry
> when the last schema change occurred.
> If you wanted to get fancy we can load just the changes that occurred or
> even PSearch the schema area and react to the change.
> None of this is critical do or die stuff but I wanted to brain dump the idea
> out there.

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