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From Damon Goodyear <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS documentation
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2010 19:23:43 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@...> writes:

>   On 8/18/10 8:39 PM, Damon Goodyear wrote:
> >> If you tell us a bit more about your project, we may drive you through 
> > My last comment (about finding out whether ADS was suitable) was more about
> > the fact that I am a complete newbie to directory services.  I have a 
> > >... No way we will port Studio to Netbeans, sorry :) NetBeans is now 
> property, we are not going to be good friends with those guys ...
> Don't even *think* about asking about a .Net port ;)
I wouldn't. (The idea doesn't do much for me either.)
> > PS Sorry but getting upset about top-posting/bottom-posting is decidedly
> > anally retentive 
> Who cares if it's top/bottom/in the middle/ out of the windows posting ?
This posting form.  (Which is now complaining that "There's much more quoted 
text in your article than new. Prune quoted stuff."

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