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From Snake <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Does the Kerberos server reads/writes anything from/on disk during AS requests?
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 17:25:44 GMT
Greetings again.

I was performing latency tests on ApacheDS kerberos services, and
comparing it to my own Kerberos prototype, which uses state machine
replication to be executing in more than one machine. Given this fact,
I was expecting that the  response of my prototype would be much
slower than ApacheDS, but as far as requesting TGT's, it takes 25 to
30 miliseconds to obtain them in ApacheDS, and in my prototype, it
takes only 3 to 4 miliseconds.

Given the fact that my prototype needs to perform much more
comunication steps between replicas than ApacheDS does - due to the
replication -, I was expecting these results to be reversed. So i was
wondering if ApacheDS reads or writes anything on disk while
requesting for TGT's. If not, does anyone has any idea why is there
such overhead on ApacheDS?

Thanks in advance

Note: when requesting normal tickets, the results of both services are
quite similar.

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