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From Francois <>
Subject Syncrepl standalone Java client api ?
Date Sun, 27 Jun 2010 21:58:59 GMT
Hello guys,

I just saw that replication in ApacheDS will be implemented with 
Syncrepl protocol (yep, I missed that much things ;)

I think that this is great, it's cool to see some interoperability 
finally happen in open source's LDAP world.

I just skimmed through the code, and it seems to be heavy coupled with 
ApacheDS server (I'm not much familiar with ApacheDS code, but that 
"session = directoryService.getAdminSession()" in SyncReplConsumer lets 
me think so).

An yet, I would love to see a Java client API for syncrepl (and I 
believe that other guys would like it, to :).

Is these something to hope for ? Or what would be the steps to reuse the 
ApacheDS code in order to build an client independent from ApacheDS server ?

Thanks for your answer, and kudos for the hard work !

Francois ARMAND

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