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From Stefano Gargiulo <>
Subject Re: Triggers
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2010 08:09:43 GMT
Thank you for the interesting paper,

But i still can't understand how to pratically define a trigger....

e.g after putting

"AFTER Delete
CALL "com.example.ldap.util.sp.BackupTools:backupDeletedUserEntry"
( $deletedEntry );"

where do i need put the compiled "com.example.ldap.util.sp.BackupTools" 
java class?

i understood (maybe) that i need to put the bytecode of the compiled 
class somewhere in an LDAP enty, in a byte attribute... but where in the 
tree?  is there a particular apacheds system subtree where i can put 
this kind of entries? is there some hello world example with source 
class and final LDIF?

Best Regards,

Il 24/06/2010 00:15, Emmanuel Lecharny ha scritto:
> On 6/23/10 3:41 PM, Stefano Gargiulo wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I need to implement a trigger to check the uniqueness of an attribute 
>> (e.g. uid, mail) under a subtree, is it possible?
> I guess so.
>> Where can i find some examples to do things of this kind?
> The best would be to read Erisn's paper on 

> Otherwise, there are some tests in the core-integ module : 

>> Do i need eclipse to compile the triggers or i can use netbeans?
> It's Java, you can even use vi + javac :)
Fine, but i can't understand

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