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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Does the Kerberos server reads/writes anything from/on disk during AS requests?
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 21:51:03 GMT
Snake schrieb:
> Stefan Seelmann wrote:
>> Snake wrote:
>>> I was performing latency tests on ApacheDS kerberos services, and
>>> comparing it to my own Kerberos prototype, which uses state machine
>>> replication to be executing in more than one machine. Given this fact,
>>> I was expecting that the  response of my prototype would be much
>>> slower than ApacheDS, but as far as requesting TGT's, it takes 25 to
>>> 30 miliseconds to obtain them in ApacheDS, and in my prototype, it
>>> takes only 3 to 4 miliseconds.
>>> Given the fact that my prototype needs to perform much more
>>> comunication steps between replicas than ApacheDS does - due to the
>>> replication -, I was expecting these results to be reversed. So i was
>>> wondering if ApacheDS reads or writes anything on disk while
>>> requesting for TGT's. If not, does anyone has any idea why is there
>>> such overhead on ApacheDS?
>> There are reads from disk because the principals are stored in the
>> directory server and they are retrieved from the directory.
>> But I don't think that's the cause. I did a quick test and obtained TGTs
>> for the same user, so the data should be in cache. Nevertheless it takes
>> around 20ms to obtain TGTs. Needs further investigation, are you
>> interested?
>> Kind Regards,
>> Stefan
> I might be interested in investigating this as a way to give something
> back after you had helped me compiling and configuring apacheDS. But
> this month is dificult for me to do so. I'm writting a paper about my
> kerberos prototype that needs to be ready by this comming monday. I also
> have to start writting my master's degree dissertation, which has to be
> ready by the end of this month. But if you are willing to wait for me to
> take care of those things, I will try to investigate this issue by next
> month. What do you think?

Sure, take your time. Currently none of the developers is activly
working on the Kerberos part.

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