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From Snake <>
Subject [ApacheDS] "Pre-authentication information was invalid " error
Date Sat, 05 Jun 2010 02:04:28 GMT

I've set up ApacheDS in a remote machine, and activated its Kerberos 
service. I'm trying to test it using the client/server "hello world" 
made by java monkey, available in this link:

I was managing to get it to work in my local machine - both the kdc and 
the demo were running in my computer. But when I installed ApacheDS in a 
remote host, with the same server.xml file, the demo didn't work 
anymore. I started getting this "Pre-authentication information was 
invalid " error. To make sure the problem was due to the demo and the 
kdc being in diferente machines, I installed the demo in the remote 
machine where I also installed the kdc, I run it there, and it got back 
to work properly. It seems that both the demo and kdc need to be in the 
same machine.

I assume that if I get to disable the pre-authentication I can get past 
this issue. I consulted the online documentation, and I assume that I 
need to put something like this in the server.xml file:

    <bean id="kdcConfiguration" 
        <property name="paEncTimestampRequired" value="false" />

The problem is, I don't know where this should be inside the file. Could 
anyone give me a hint about where to put this configuration, or how to 
resolve this issue in another way? I really need to get this thing to 
work :\

Thanks in advance.

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