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From Jimi HullegÄrd <>
Subject Apache Directory Studio ldif import problems
Date Sun, 30 May 2010 01:47:32 GMT

I decided to try out Apache Directory Studio and its bundled Apache Directory Server, since
I needed a LDAP server together with a CMS that I wanted to install. I have used OpenLDAP
before, but wanted to try something new. But I ran in to problems quite early, and I have
not been able to solve them so I hope that maybe someone here can help.

The CMS I'm trying to install has some instructions that are related to OpenLDAP. Instructions
that I don't really know how to apply to my situation. For example it tells me to configure
"LDAP account for root" to "cn=admin,dc=your-company,dc=com", and set a password. But I simply
can't find any place in the studio GUI to set these things.

Then the instructions tells me to create an ldif file with this content:
dn: dc=your-company,dc=com
objectClass: dcObject
objectClass: organization
dc: your-company
o: your-company

And then import it using:

ldapadd -W -D "cn=admin,dc=your-company,dc=com" -x -f file.ldif

But since the ldapadd program isn't included in Apache Studio (and I use windows) I had to
use the import function. But when I try to import the ldif file I get:

Error while importing LDIF
 - Record is invalid
  javax.naming.NamingException: Record is invalid

An error that doesn't tell me much. What record, exactly? And invalid how? Is there some important
step that I have missed? What can I do to get this data into the directory using studio?

Do you guys have any ideas of what I'm doing wrong? Or was I misstaken when I though that
it would easy to change from OpenLDAP to Apache Directory Server?


P.S Maybe I should add that I have very little knowledge about ldap in general. I only need
it for this CMS, and that is only to be used for development/testing. D.S.
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