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From SCHEDENIG Marian <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Class path problems when embedding 1.5.6/1.5.7 in a Tomcat servlet
Date Mon, 17 May 2010 14:07:28 GMT

I've been using ApacheDS wrapped into a small ServletContextListener which instantiates the
directory server within a servlet and automatically creates some default directory entries
when it runs for the first time.

This worked fine in 1.5.5, except for some known problems with that version (an awful lot
of log warning at runtime and exceptions when trying to query groupOfUniqueNames). So I recently
upgraded to 1.5.6 and now to 1.5.7. The 1.5.6 upgrade required extensive changes to my initialization
code, but after that my test cases completed without problems.

Only the servlet doesn't work in Tomcat anymore. I keep getting this error when initialising

15:09:39 [ERROR]
- ERR_10004 Expecting to find a schema.ldif file in provided baseDirectory path 'D:\tools\Tomcat
6.0.26\temp\server-work-default\schema\ou=schema.ldif' but no such file found.

I've traced the problem to ResourceMap#getResources():

        String classPath = System.getProperty( "java.class.path", "." );
        String[] classPathElements = classPath.split( File.pathSeparator );

Apparently, ApacheDS searches through its own class path to find all LDIF files matching a
certain pattern and instantiates them; if this doesn't succeed, it won't initialise. But in
Tomcat, "java.class.path" contains only one single entry, and that's the bootstrap.jar. I
don't know much about Tomcat (or servlet containers in general), but it doesn't seem that
there's any guarantee that querying "java.class.path" this way is actually going to work -
certainly not when more obscure class loaders are used which don't actually use a class path.

Is there a different way to initialise an ApacheDS instance that works with less specific
assumptions about the class path and class loader? Or is this actually a bug - and if so,
what's the prognosis on a fix?


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