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URL : http://directory.apache.org/apacheds/1.5/143-adding-your-own-partition-resp-suffix.html

In "Minimal partition definition" section, it is said :
Open the server.xml file for your directory instance in your favorite editor and look for the following element with name partitions.

then a green-doted blank box is displayed and another sentence :

Add another jdbmPartition element for the sevenSeas partition, just below the example partition:

(screenshot attached)

Therefore, since not example content is displayed, the tutorial is of no help at all, and thus the entire section (remember, this is a Basic User's Guide : the reader needs to be guided)

I checked on ADS v1.0 doc : same behavior
I checked with Firefox and MSIE : same behavior

It may be interesting to correct this anomaly or at least set a link to an example file ...


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