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From Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Directory Studio 1.5.3 released
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2010 07:43:34 GMT
The Apache Directory Team is pleased to announce the release of Apache
Directory Studio 1.5.3, a bug fix and enhancement update of its Eclipse
based LDAP Browser and Directory client.

You can download Apache Directory Studio 1.5.3 as a standalone RCP
application for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows here:

You can install it directly in Eclipse using this update site:

Here are a few highlights of this new version:
 * fixed a critical bug that makes Studio gone into an endless event loop
 * Apache DS plugin comes with the latest 1.5.6 version of Apache DS
 * Apache DS Configuration plugin can now handle correctly the latest 1.5.6
version of Apache DS server.xml file
 * editors now warns the user if they contain modifications and the input is
 * various improvements in certificates handling
 * added a new 'Delete All' menu item for entries, bookmarks and searches

Developed as a sub-project of the Directory Top Level Project, Apache
Directory Studio is an Eclipse RCP application that takes full advantage of
the benefits inherent in the Eclipse platform. Composed of several Eclipse
(OSGi) plugins, Apache Directory Studio can be easily upgraded with
additional plugins. Apache Directory Studio plugins can even run within a
full installation of Eclipse itself.
Apache Directory Studio contains 6 major features:
 * an LDAP Browser feature
 * an LDIF Editor feature
 * an ACI Editor feature for Apache Directory Server
 * a Schema Editor feature
 * an Apache DS feature
 * an Apache DS Configuration feature

For more information about Apache Directory Studio, see our website:

Below are the JIRA issues that were resolved in this release:
 * [DIRSTUDIO-424] - Canceling a search gives an error sometimes
 * [DIRSTUDIO-585] - Do not modify the current thread's ClassLoader; or
reset it afterwards
 * [DIRSTUDIO-608] - Non-translated string in the French version of the
"Export Connections" wizard
 * [DIRSTUDIO-609] - Studio "hangs" when performing large search that is to
be displayed
 * [DIRSTUDIO-610] - Unable to export to "My Documents"
 * [DIRSTUDIO-611] - Unable to add a third party Entry Editor
 * [DIRSTUDIO-613] - Certificate with empty common name (cn) appears almost
hidden in the preference page table view
 * [DIRSTUDIO-614] - The 'Installed JREs' preference page is no longer
displayed in Apache Directory Studio's preferences
 * [DIRSTUDIO-615] - Various typos in the french translation
 * [DIRSTUDIO-616] - Entry Editor Manager does not ensure that the entry's
attributes are initialized (loaded) before testing and opening editors
 * [DIRSTUDIO-617] - Tabular and LDIF Entry Single-Tab Editors should warn
the user when modifications are pending (auto-save disabled) and their input
is changed
 * [DIRSTUDIO-623] - NPE in the ModificationLogsViewUniversalListener under
rare circumstances when selecting a connection
 * [DIRSTUDIO-624] - NPE in the under
rare circumstances when selecting a connection
 * [DIRSTUDIO-627] - Can't open a relatively big LDIF file
 * [DIRSTUDIO-629] - Entry editor tab is activated when executing a search
 * [DIRSTUDIO-632] - Endless event loop
 * [DIRSTUDIO-637] - copy/paste of attributes no longer works
 * [DIRSTUDIO-639] - Exception when navigation history contains bookmarks of
an deleted connection
 * [DIRSTUDIO-642] - ADS does not remember the certificate if two
certificates are used for the same server
 * [DIRSTUDIO-643] - Missing modules when importing into Eclipse as existing
 * [DIRSTUDIO-612] - The 'Properties' item in the context menu of the
default Entry Editor should be enabled and linked to the entry properties
when no particular attribute is selected in the table
 * [DIRSTUDIO-618] - The icon of the entry in the 'Outline' view for the
LDIF Entry Editor should be the same as the one in the 'LDAP Browser' view
 * [DIRSTUDIO-619] - Outline view for the LDIF Entry Editor should display
by default the nodes underneath the entry
 * [DIRSTUDIO-625] - Add Connection Context in the LDAP Browser Window
 * [DIRSTUDIO-633] - Delete all searches context menu
 * [DIRSTUDIO-634] - Add search context menu entry / simplify search
 * [DIRSTUDIO-638] - Improve the way we ask for operational attributes
 * [DIRSTUDIO-635] - Update Eclipse dependencies to version 3.5.2
 * [DIRSTUDIO-636] - Update copyright in spash screen to 2010
 * [DIRSTUDIO-640] - Support for server.xml file of Apache DS version 1.5.6
 * [DIRSTUDIO-641] - Integrate Apache DS version 1.5.6 in the Apache DS

The Apache Directory Team

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