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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: Kerberos Can't Find Users
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 17:22:57 GMT
Andrew Wiley wrote:
> However, how should I be setting passwords in my program? When I create
> users, I've been trying to just do this:
> entry.add("userPassword", password);
> But this results in a NPE when the KeyDerivationInterceptor tries to read
> the password from the new entry.

Please make sure that the password is binary, you could use
StringTools.getBytesUtf8( String ).

Do you have a stack trace of the NPE?

> If I add an entry manually though the Directory Studio, I now get this error
> from kinit:
> kinit: KDC has no support for padata type while getting initial credentials
> and this from ADS:
> 358279 [NioDatagramAcceptor-3] WARN
>  - KDC
> has no support for padata type (16)
> and... what does that mean? I'll be looking around for it, but I've never
> seen the term padata before, and I've read a good bit on Kerberos.

If you like to read RFCs: RFC 4120, section 5.2.7.

Kind Regards,

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