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From Cheong Chung Onn <>
Subject My Embedded Server broken for ApacheDS 1.5.7
Date Sun, 18 Apr 2010 05:16:31 GMT

Earlier, I was planning to upgrade my embedded server from 1.5.5 to 
1.5.6 and I learned that 1.5.7 has just been released very recently. 
Naturally, I chose to skip 1.5.6 and moved on to 1.5.7, however as I 
upgrade my embedded server I realized there are changes in 1.5.7 that is 
not backward compatible namely changes to  - LdapDN, Index, ServerEntry 
and Partition#init() is removed.

I tried to checkout project ApacheDS-core from Tags 1.5.7 for examples 
but failed to find any relevant test case examples. Would someone help 
to direct me to the right maven sub project to where I can find sample 
testcases so that I  can fix my embedded server again.

Thanks in advance.

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