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From Matt Doran <>
Subject Implementing custom bind/authentication for custom partition
Date Sun, 28 Mar 2010 07:06:01 GMT
Hi there,

I need to implement custom authentication, often delegating to another 
system to provide the authentication (e.g. to check username/password).  
In order to achieve this I've had to change the list of "Authenticators" 
implementing my own "simple" authentication implementation with the 
AuthenticationInterceptor.   I.e. to remove the SimpleAuthenticator and 
replace it with my own.

I'm currently using 1.5.5, because the sample for the custom partition 
is for 1.5.5, and needs to be updated for 1.5.6.

I've got it kind of working, but it just doesn't feel right.     For 
example, I've completely overridden the simple authentication for the 
whole server, instead of just my partition.   The SimpleAuthenticator is 
not designed to be extended.   Maybe the "authenticate()" method could 
be a bit to allow subclasses to change the implementation based on the 
requested bind DN?

Or maybe I'm completely missing something, and looking in the wrong 
place.  Is this the best way to implement my own authentication?


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