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From Kiran Ayyagari <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Directory Server 1.5.6 released !
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2010 10:52:57 GMT
  Apache Directory team is pleased to announce the release of Apache 
Directory Server version 1.5.6, numerous enhancements and
  bug fixes were included in this release.

  Downloads are available at 

What's new ?

     * Schema subsystem was completely refactored and rewritten
     * LDIF based schema support
     * A new testing framework was designed with annotation support to 
start and stop DirectoryService/LdapServer
     * The new client LDAP API has been used in server integration tests
     * A new partition implementation using LDIF files as backend
     * ApacheDS now uses MINA  2.0.0-RC1


     * [DIRSERVER-935] - Test hangs on non-existant schema entry lookup
     * [DIRSERVER-1214] - Searches done with an empty baseDN are not 
accepted, except for the rootDSE
     * [DIRSERVER-1314] - Helpless error message while a LDIF import 
fails in unit tests
     * [DIRSERVER-1340] - Search the schema partition for 
(objectClass=metaTop) returns no results
     * [DIRSERVER-1401] - Infinite loop on moddn, when moving an entry 
below itself
     * [DIRSERVER-1404] - NullPointerException when a client disconnects
     * [DIRSERVER-1459] - Adding members to a groupOfNames results in 
polynomial increase in JDBM partition size
     * [DIRSERVER-1462] - Empty Depends field in .deb package breaks 
     * [DIRSERVER-1465] - objectClass, entryUUID, entryCSN indices not 
used in search optimizer
     * [DIRSERVER-1470] - Error code 80 - OTHER is thrown when trying to 
remove a value from the objectClass attribute
     * [DIRSERVER-1473] - The typesOnly flag is not correctly handled
     * [DIRSERVER-1474] - IllegalStateException when restarting the 
LdapServer programmatically
     * [DIRSERVER-1475] - The sizeLimit must be a long, not an int
     * [DIRSERVER-1476] - Incorrect attribute description value set for 
AttributeValueAssertion in the transformFilter( ExprNode ) method of 
     * [DIRSHARED-47] - Testfailures on jdk1.5, jdk1.6 works in 


     * [DIRSERVER-1466] - Support SHA-256 for userPassword values
     * [DIRSERVER-1472] - Use Generic Type Parameter for ID in XDBM 
instead of Long
     * IRSHARED-13] - Replace the MultiHashMap in RDN by a MultiValueMap
     * [DIRSHARED-15] - Create a Fast DN parser handling simple DNs
     * [DIRSHARED-49] - Add i18n translation for error messages and other


     * [DIRSHARED-43] - Rename LdapDN to DN
     * [DIRSHARED-44] - Rename Rdn to RDN
     * [DIRSHARED-45] - Rename AttributeTypeAndValue to AVA

Apache Directory Team

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