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From Pramathesh Ambasta <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS: Two questions: 1. Changing Default Naming Context 2. Samba
Date Sat, 20 Mar 2010 13:29:23 GMT
Thanks for your response. Very helpful. Will try and be clearer in the



Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> On 3/20/10 8:07 AM, Pramathesh Ambasta wrote:
>> I am very new to both ldap and apacheds. I want to know:
>> 1. How to change default naming context from  dc=example,dc=com to 
>> some other (whether it can be done)
> You have to modify the server.xml file which contains the info. 

>> 2. How to use ApacheDS and Samba together.
> I'm not sure I can answer such a vague question, but just in case, you 
> will have to enable the samba schema in apacheDS. The easiest way to 
> do so is to start Apache Directory Studio, connect to the server, open 
> the cn=samba,ou=schema entry and modify the m-disabled attribute to 
> If you are new to ApacheDS, the best would be to use the embedded 
> server in Studio to do your experiment : you have access to the full 
> configuration, you can start and stop he server, and play with it in a 
> matter of seconds. When you are setup, just move the server.xml file 
> to your real server.
> Hope it helps.

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