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From Carl Myers <>
Subject Nested Groups and the Atlassian Crowd Connector
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2010 19:16:23 GMT
Hey all,

I am having some trouble with nested groups.  My application makes a 
call to crowd (1.6.1), which then connects to ApacheDS 1.5.5 using the 
ApacheDS15 connector.

The actual call made by my app is:


The groups it gets back contain some, but not all, nested groups.  I 
think this is a bug in either their connector or their spring security 
code.  I know you guys are NOT Atlassian support, I have already filed a 
bug on them to try and get this answered, but in the meantime, I was 
thinking about what workarounds might be possible.

One workaround that occured to me is: Can ApacheDS be configured to 
automatically flatten nested groups, and always return transitive members?

This would be a "quick but dirty fix" for my problem, but I'd take what 
I could get.


Carl Myers
Palantir Technologies | Internal Tools Software Engineer

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