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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: studio: display CN from member
Date Thu, 18 Feb 2010 09:21:59 GMT
Hi Aristedes,

sorry for the late response.

What you want is not possible with the current Version (1.5) of Studio. 
Such "joins" would require an additional lookup for each member.

I think what you want is some group management feature, there is an 
outstanding feature request [1]. Feel free to add your comments and vote 
for it.

Kind Reagards,


Aristedes Maniatis schrieb:
> I'm still really keen on solving this one. Apache Directory Studio is 
> really so nice, if only I could solve this problem.
> Ari Maniatis
> On 15/12/09 12:39 AM, Aristedes Maniatis wrote:
>> I have a pretty common directory structure which includes a groupOfNames
>> class containing a list of member attributes, each pointing to the DN of
>> a member who is belongs to that group.
>> Directory Studio (I think that is right: I mean the Eclipse plugin,
>> since both your products seem to be named "DS") is very nice in the way
>> it shows and allows me to edit data. However, it will only show me the
>> value (DN) of the member attribute. I'd like it to follow the join (in
>> database terms) and show me the CN of the related record.
>> Is this possible?
>> Thanks
>> Ari Maniatis
>> Please cc me on any response since I'm not on this list.

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