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From "pub.cog" <>
Subject Deleting a node and it's children
Date Tue, 02 Feb 2010 13:46:56 GMT

I'm trying to delete a node of my apacheds using following code:

final CoreSession adminSession = service.getAdminSession();
final LdapDN ldapDnTmp = new LdapDN(dnTmp);
if (adminSession.exists(ldapDnTmp)) {

where service is a DirectoryService object.

The node I want to delete is not empty so I get a 

Is there any existing method that can delete a node and it's children ? 
Or do I have to iterate and delete them one by one ?

If I have to iterate, do you have some code sample I could use ? (my 
node only have objectClass=person)...

Benjamin Francisoud

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