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From Linus van Geuns <>
Subject [STUDIO] Studio forces all objectclasses the class in use inherits from to be set, too
Date Mon, 09 Nov 2009 14:15:58 GMT

When adding an objectClass vlaue to an entry already existing in a
DIT, Studio forces all classes the requested class inherits from, to
also be added if not already present.

This, in general, is not a bad thing. But when using slapd with
objects added to the DIT w/o objectclass 'top' present, slapd seems to
set the value top internally only.
Studio receives that object w/o objectClass = top set and when the
users wants to add another objectClass, Studio forces top to be set
automatically as every objectClass inherits from top.
slapd will refuse the modify requested, claiming the value top was
already present and Studios wizzard for adding objectClasses wont
allow the user to remove top from the list of objectClasses.

Does the LDAP spec require all objectClasses parent to a objectClass
used, to also be set?
If not, it would be nice to let the user remove automatically added
parent classes from  the list of classes to add.
I already posted this issue in the OpenLDAP channel, as this seems to
be a bug of slapd.

Apache Directory Studio 1.5.0.v20091102 x86 on
Ubuntu 9.10 x86
OpenLDAP slapd 2.4.11-1 on
Debian GNU/Linux 'lenny' i386


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