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From Francois <>
Subject [ApacheDS for Testing] problem with ldapServer static field & Scala
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2009 16:55:27 GMT
Hello ApacheDS,

I'm trying to use ApacheDS as an LDAP testing server for one the 
application I'm working on. ApacheDS "integ" seems to have some really 
really nice features on that subject, but I'm encountering a little 
problem : I'm using Scala for my application (yes Emmanuel ;) and Scala 
doesn't have such a thing as "public static field".

I didn't see any other way to interact with the integration installation 
than with this LdapServer field, do I miss it ?

On the other hand, Scala can have "public static method", so it would be 
great if in place of the field, you could use getter/setter for 
accessing LdapServer.

I attached patches on core-integ and server-integ to show what would 
make Scala (and me) happy. They are just here to give you an idea, in 
that state they break something like all of your testcases (because of 
course the use the convention with a service/ldapServer field, not a 
setService/setLdapServer method).

What do you think about that ? Whould it be possible to switch to 
getter/setter injection ?

Have a nice day

Francois Armand

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