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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: [STUDIO] Studio forces all objectclasses the class in use inherits from to be set, too
Date Mon, 09 Nov 2009 20:15:43 GMT
Hi Linus,

Linus van Geuns wrote:
> Hi!
> When adding an objectClass vlaue to an entry already existing in a
> DIT, Studio forces all classes the requested class inherits from, to
> also be added if not already present.
> This, in general, is not a bad thing. But when using slapd with
> objects added to the DIT w/o objectclass 'top' present, slapd seems to
> set the value top internally only.
> Studio receives that object w/o objectClass = top set and when the
> users wants to add another objectClass, Studio forces top to be set
> automatically as every objectClass inherits from top.
> slapd will refuse the modify requested, claiming the value top was
> already present and Studios wizzard for adding objectClasses wont
> allow the user to remove top from the list of objectClasses.
> Does the LDAP spec require all objectClasses parent to a objectClass
> used, to also be set?
> If not, it would be nice to let the user remove automatically added
> parent classes from  the list of classes to add.
> I already posted this issue in the OpenLDAP channel, as this seems to
> be a bug of slapd.

This problem was reported in ITS#5517 [1], there is some discussion
about what LDAP specifies and what not (I wasn't able to follow).

> Environment:
> Apache Directory Studio 1.5.0.v20091102 x86 on
> Ubuntu 9.10 x86
> and
> OpenLDAP slapd 2.4.11-1 on
> Debian GNU/Linux 'lenny' i386

I tested on Ubunto 9.04 and OpenLDAP 2.4.15, here I can't reproduce the
problem. Seem this was fixed in OpenLDAP 2.4.14 and 2.4.15, see
changelog [2].

Kind Regards,


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