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Subject [ApacheDS] error messages in apacheds 1.5.5 log
Date Sat, 24 Oct 2009 02:36:05 GMT
I installed the latest apacheds 1.5.5.  After starting and then stopping
apacheds. I found the following messages in the log.

[14:47:34] WARN
[] - OID
for name 'krb5PrincipalName' was not found within the OID registry
[14:47:36] ERROR
- attributeType w/ OID not registered!
[14:47:38] ERROR [] - Cannot start
the server : reuseAddress can't be set while the acceptor is bound.

I don't know if my apacheds is working properly in spite of these error
messages even though I can still login using uid=admin,ou=system using
Directory Studio installed on eclipse.

Could anyone tell what needs to be done to fix this problem?


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