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From Bruno Medeiros <>
Subject Kerberos password change specification
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2009 10:04:26 GMT
Hi again.

The ApacheDS guide states that ApacheDS supports the "original Kerberos 
Change Password protocol", as well as RFC 3244, the Windows 2000 
extension to the original protocol.

My question is where is the specification/RFC of the original Kerberos 
Change Password protocol? RFC 3244 only details the Windows extension, 
and for what I've seen of RFC 1510, there is no mention of how the 
Password change actually works. (or I've missed it somehow)

I've searched a bit more and found these documents:
Are these the specifications for the protocol? If so, which draft 
version does Apache DS supports (or plans to support)?

Bruno Medeiros

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