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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject [Studio] Behaviour of "Copy Value" actions
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2009 08:54:04 GMT

In the Entry Editor we have multiple context menu items to copy a value:
- The default "Copy Value" (Ctrl+C)
- Some more items in the "Advanced" sub-menu

The current behaviour of the "Copy Value" action is:
- If the value is string then the value is copied as stored in directory
- If the value is binary then the BASE64 encoded binary value is copied

Additional, we have value editors. They decorate the raw value and
display it in a more user-friendly way (at least I hope so), for example:
- date/time values: converted date/time to current time zone
- object classes: additional information if structural or auxiliary
- binary values like images: some information like size
- new: MS AD objectGUID and objectSid

For default text values the "Copy Value" action works fine. However for
binary values I think the BASE64 encoded value isn't very useful.

So I wonder if we should copy the displayed (and maybe decorated) value
instead of the raw value. IMO that makes more sense, because when
pressing Ctrl+C you get what you see. And it is still possible to get
the raw value or BASE64 encoded value from the "Advanced" sub-menu.


Kind Regards,
Stefan Seelmann

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