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From Cheong Chung Onn <>
Subject Re: numericStringOrderingMatch does not exist
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 10:45:16 GMT
I am using apacheds 1.5.4, and studio 1.4 is that the course of the 
problem? Should i still raise a Jira?

Btw, after some experimentation i realized I have mistakenly assumed  
NumericString to be equivalent to a Decimal (i.e. 
float/double/BigDecimal). After sieving through the mailing list I still 
unable to find an answer to the following question - Is there a syntax 
to represent a Float/BigDecimal in Ldap? The worse case scenario for me 
is to use a Directory String :(

Would appreciate if anyone could help to point me to the right direction.

Thanks in advance.


Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> Alex Karasulu wrote:
>> If you were unable to find this matchingRule in the schema of the server
>> then it's probably missing.  Go ahead and add a JIRA for this.
> This MR exists in the schema branch :
> dn: m-oid=,ou=matchingRules,cn=system,ou=schema
> createtimestamp: 20090818022728Z
> entryuuid:: T59s8Z+mShG+Apyw/rI+oA==
> m-oid:
> m-obsolete: FALSE
> entrycsn: 20090818052728.432000Z#000000#000#000000
> m-syntax:
> objectclass: metaMatchingRule
> objectclass: metaTop
> objectclass: top
> m-name: numericStringOrderingMatch
> creatorsname: uid=admin,ou=system
> The associated Syntax also exists, it's the NumericString (and we have 
> a syntax checker for it)
> So we have what we need in the server. The question now is why can't 
> we use it...

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