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From Robert Kuhar <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] LDAP browser doesn't show dc=example, dc=com Tree for my new apacheds-1.5.5 deployment
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2009 02:51:50 GMT
That seems to have done the trick.  Trying to browse into the ou=Users on dc=example,dc=com
produces a "Select Referral Connection" dialog that confuses me somewhat (something about
"Please select a connection to handle referral ldap://,%20ou=Users,%20dc=example,dc=com")
but cancelling that allows me to browse into the tree.  Victory is at hand, I think.  Tomorrow
I begin trying to create my own Groups within the example domain and see how far that gets

Thanks again.


Stefan Seelmann wrote:
> Robert Kuhar wrote:
>> Thanks Emmanuel,
>> I did the right-click thing to "Create New Context" selecting "domain"
>> from the list of "Available object classes" and entered
>> "dc=example,dc=com" when prompted to enter a "Distinguished Name". 
>> Excellent.  My DIT now shows dc=example,
>> I was under the impression that it would just show up with a bunch of
>> users configured, but I'm now guessing that is not the case.  I must
>> have to build this branch up myself.  You wouldn't know of an LDIF file
>> anywhere that could jump-start this process would you?
> This should help you:
> King Regards,
> Stefan

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