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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] LDAP browser doesn't show dc=example, dc=com Tree for my new apacheds-1.5.5 deployment
Date Wed, 02 Sep 2009 20:55:42 GMT
Robert Kuhar wrote:
> I am having difficulty figuring out why my deployment of 
> apacheds-1.5.5 doesn't seem to have dc=example,dc=com branch that 
> appears in all the documentation.  The deployment and startup of 
> apacheds-1.5.5 to my machine went without a hitch.  I have confirmed 
> that the service is up and running and have successfully connected to 
> it with the Apache Directory Studio as "uid=admin,ou=system" using 
> Simple Authentication.  The problem is that the resulting DIT in the 
> LDAP browser shows only...
> Root DSE (3)
>   ou=schema (18)
>   ou=system (5)
> ...the entry dc=example,dc=com that appears in all the documentation 
> is absent.
> My server.xml appears to have the partition for it...
>   <partitions>
>     <jdbmPartition id="example" cacheSize="100" 
> suffix="dc=example,dc=com" optimizerEnabled="true" syncOnWrite="true">
> ...
> Does dc=example,dc=com not exist or can my user "admin" just not see 
> it based upon how I set up the connection?  The (3) on the end of 
> "Root DSE" node would suggest that is the case, but I can't figure out 
> what I need to do to reveal this branch.  How I can get a Directory 
> Studio user connected to my LDAP server in such a way as to browse the 
> dc=example,dc=com tree?  Any ideas?
You have to create the associated entry (the context entry).

Just right click on the root of the tree, and select the Create Contect 
Entry (something like that). I think it's explained somewhere on the web 
site : 
(around the middle of this page).

Not very explicit though ...

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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