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From Martin Alderson <>
Subject RE: [Studio] Cruel dilemma with Editor Open Mode in Studio
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 17:01:27 GMT

> Maybe what we could propose is a little popup window that is launched
> when the LDAP, or Schema Editor perspectives are opened. This popup
> would explain that we're now using this setting and ask the user if he
> wants to keep its current setting.

I'm not a fan of pop-ups like this but I guess if it only shows up one time it isn't going
to kill me.  It would be great to have a tab open the first time a version of Studio is run
with a welcome page showing the release notes etc which would in this case include a note
about this change in behaviour.  That way you don't have to dismiss it if you just want to
do something.  I can imagine that people might want to open up the preferences themselves
to see this option before dismissing the pop-up telling them about it, for example.

> > Now, when multiple entries are opened, we shoul dbe able to navigate
> > through them when simple clicking on the entries (a bit like for the
> > Java editor : when the classes are open, a simple click change the tab
> > to the opened file.

Does this mean that Studio will be capable of opening multiple entry editors at the same time?
 That would be useful.

> We already have that "General" preference page, but maybe we could add a
> specific element in the toolbar for fast switching.

I wouldn't have thought this kind of option would be changed often enough by anyone to warrant
it being on the toolbar.  I don't think it will bother me either way though.


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