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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: Export a schema from an existing LDAP
Date Thu, 20 Aug 2009 13:06:55 GMT
Hi Petteri,

Petteri Heinonen wrote:
> I'm trying to setup a translucent OpenLDAP proxy, where ActiveDirectory
> would be the backend. For that translucent proxy to work correctly, I
> would need a OpenLDAP compatible LDAP schema of ActiveDirectory. Is it
> somehow possible to export the schema of a running LDAP server (such as
> Active Directory) in OpenLDAP compatible format using DS?

The next version 1.5.0 of Apache Directoy Studio will contain such a
function, to load the schema of a running LDAP server and export it into
several formats.

> I'm starting to think that I'm missing some important point here, as
> there seems to be very little information about this available in the
> net. Is there some technical issue which prevents getting AD schema out
> of AD?

The problem is not getting the schema out of AD, but getting it into
another LDAP server. The AD schema violates the standard schemas defined
in various RFCs and implemented in most LDAP servers. Studio 1.5.0 will
contain a wizard to merge schemas, but note that is only a dirty workaround.

Kind Regards,

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