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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: [Studio] Cruel dilemma with Editor Open Mode in Studio
Date Sat, 15 Aug 2009 20:32:44 GMT
Hi guys,

thanks Pierre-Arnaud for bringing this to top. We already discussed on
IRC about that problem. Today, while washing the dishes, I had an idea
to solve the dilemma.

Let me begin with a quotation from [1] about the Eclipse workbench
View: ... Modifications made in a view are saved immediately.
Editor: ... It is typically used to edit or browse a resource. ...
Modifications made in an editor follow an open-save-close lifecycle model.

So IMO we should consider the current "Entry Editor" (and also the
"Search Result Editor") as view, although is lives in the editor area.
It doesn't follow the open-save-close lifecycle model but saves
modifications immediately.

I'd like to bring the following points to discussion:

We keep the current "Entry Editor" as is. We rename it to "Entry View"
(view is a bad name but I can't find a better one). We add a new
checkbox to the preferences: "Open 'Entry View' while browsing" which is
checked by default. This way the current behaviour is kept. When
unchecking the checkbox the "Entry View" isn't opened automatically. We
add a new action "Open Entry View" to the context menu to open it. If
opened it automatically loads and shows the attributes of the selected
entry. The new extension point isn't used here. The open mode isn't used

The new extension point only allows new editors that follow the
open-save-close lifecycle model. These editors behave like normal
Eclipse editors. There is always one editor per entry, so multipe editor
could be opened. These editors use the open mode (double-click by default).

There are two minor issues:
- Currently on double click the entry is expanded/collaped and its
children are shown/hidden. When the open mode is "double-click" we
should disable the expand/collapse.
- In single-click open mode both, the "Entry View" and the editor are
opened. Maybe it makes sense to uncheck/disable the "Open 'Entry View'
while browsing" checkbox in that case.

My prefered setting would be the default: While browsing the "Entry
View" is used to show the attributes and to do quick modifications. On
demand I double-click the entry or select "Open with" from context menu
and a new entry editor is opened. This could be used for larger
modifications or to compare different entries.

Another setting is to disable the "Entry View" thing. In that case there
are multiple options to see the attributes:
- double-click the entry, however this opens a real editor following the
open-save-close lifecycle
- select "Open Entry View" form context menu which opens the view

I think this has less impacts to the current behaviour but allows huge
improvments with new editors.


Kind Regards,


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