Sorry about that :), I'm using Apache Directory Studio 1.4.0v20090407; re-attaching the file.

2009/7/4 Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Jonathan Camilleri wrote:
I've just loaded an .ldif file within Apache Directory Studio and the
program is pointing out *Unexpected token*.  I can't see anything wrong with
the file, any ideas pls?

Hmmmm, given the input, I would say "there is something wrong in your ldif"... ;)

Ok, can you post the ldif so that we can give you a more appropriate clue about what's going on ?

Thanks !

PS : *please, please, please*, provide any useful information when you post a question, like the version you are using. We are good at Apache, but we can't read in your mind !!!

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel Lécharny

Jonathan Camilleri

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