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From Daan van den Berg <>
Subject ADS + Postfix integration
Date Wed, 24 Jun 2009 18:29:32 GMT



today I tried to test a setup in which I want to configure postfix such that it retrieves
user information from ADS. The mail server can in fact retrieve this information from ADS,
but postfix cannot.


I configured postfix with the following options:


alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases ldap:ldapsrc
alias_database = hash:/etc/aliases ldap:ldapsrc

virtual_alias_maps = ldap:ldapsrc

ldapsrc_server_host = <ipaddress>
ldapsrc_server_port = 10389
ldapsrc_search_base = ou=Users,dc=test,dc=lan
ldapsrc_query_filter = (|(mail=%s))
ldapsrc_bind_dn = cn=admin,dc=test,dc=lan
ldapsrc_bind_pw = <mypassword>
ldapsrc_version = 3
ldapsrc_result_attribute = uid


But, unfortunately, I receive the following error in /var/log/mail.err when sending an e-mail
from one test user to the other in my test setup:


Jun 24 19:37:02 zarafa postfix/trivial-rewrite[4270]: fatal: ldap:ldapsrc(0,lock|fold_fix):
table lookup problem

What might I be doing wrong here, anyone able to help? I can query the database with ldapsearch
as I could with my (production) openLDAP setup, and in my production environment, everything
works fine with these options configured in postfix.


Thanks in advance,



D.M.J. van den Berg, B.Sc.
m: +31624894399
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