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From Stefan Reuter <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Bind problems
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2009 11:36:37 GMT

I am about to migrate from OpenLDAP to ApacheDS. I've imported a number
of users from OpenLDAP into ApacheDS using an LDIF file.
Verifying the userpassword in Studio works fine but binding does not. It
results in the following error:

[13:00:28] INFO
[] - Password
not correct for user 'cn=admin,o=basa'
[13:00:28] INFO
[] -
failed to authenticate: BindContext for DN 'cn=admin,o=basa',
credentials < [removed]>
[13:00:28] INFO
[] -
Cannot bind to the server

The userpasswords are in {SSHA} format.
After changing the userpassword through Studio to a new value binding
works. Unfortunately that's not an option for the migration.

What could cause the passwords not to be accepted for binding while at
the same time verifying them in Studio works?


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