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Subject Re: ApacheDS modification logging
Date Thu, 14 May 2009 14:04:17 GMT
----- "Emmanuel Lecharny" <> a écrit :

> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >   
> Hi,
> > We have embedded an Apache DS in an application.
> > After we create a partition and add some entries, all access are
> read access 
> >
> > Some times when the application crash the partition of apache DS
> could be corrupted and Apache DS could not start
> > How to avoid the corruption ? 
> > How to repair partition ?
> >   
> First, it would be good to know which version you are embedding.
> Anyway, 
> in this case, it won't help a lot...

the SVN revision of the version is : 772090

> We don't have any way to repair the partition atm, we have to add such
> a 
> feature. However, if your application is just using ADS to read
> entries, 
> one solution would be to save the partition files, or to make them
> read 
> only.

I can't make partitions read only.
we have not made any changes during the tests, but it is quite possible.

But I have make a test  
 D:\xxx\directory\partitions\system\master.db (Access is denied)
The server don't start !

I see that the "date modified" of files of partitions (schema, system and another partition
) are modified :
 - at startup for ".lg" files 
 - at shutdown for all files 
Do you know why ?

> If you are modifying the partition, then extracting the entries as a 
> LDIF file on a regular basis could help (you will then just have to 
> remove the partition's files and inject the saved LDIF).
> FYI, we are working on a disaster recovery system for the next
> version, 
> and we already have a journal which stores all the modification done
> on 
> the server, as a LDIF file. The idea is to restart from a stable 
> checkpoint, applying the journal will restore the base.
> Hope it helps...
> -- 
> --
> cordialement, regards,
> Emmanuel Lécharny

I have a case ! :
It seems that the problem happens when we start two instances of apacheds in two distinct
JVM (2 tomcat) on the same directory partition. 
This is not a normal case of operation but it happens often during our tests: it is very easy
to start Tomcat 2 times in eclipse environment. system partition is corrupted after stop of

Is there any way of knowing if the partitions are already used by another server?


Jean-François Melian

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