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From Kiran Ayyagari <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS beginner's installation questions
Date Mon, 27 Apr 2009 04:09:08 GMT

PGNet Dev wrote:
> hi,
> i'm trying my 1st install of apache directory server/studio.
> i've installed the server on a headless, openSUSE Xen DomU. i used the
> 'binary' installer.  nice-n-easy; currently, the service is
> up-n-running.  is there amy reason/advantage to have used the .rpm
> instead?

AFAIK, not much, you can use RPM command for managing an .rpm bundle/package
> i'm continuing to stumble thru the discovery of docs, and having a
> time of it :-/
most of the doco on the website are outdated, sorry for that.

> (1)
> refers to IRC channels:
>   Users IRC channel : #apache-directory @ irc://
>   Developers IRC channel : #apache-directory-dev @ irc://
> on freenode, however, i can find no trace of either channel.  are the
> moved? broken? dead?

No. These channels are active and you can find us there :)

> (2) i've installed the standalone Studio (v1.5.4) on a lan box (OSX),
> and can connect to the remote server (@ the DomU).
> reading @,
> suggests that to edit/modify configuration i need the SpringIDE.   is
> that still the case?
NO, not required

> (3) when I use Studio on the LAN box, is is storing config/data/etc
> _locally_ or on the server?  if the latter, _where_ in the directory
> structure are they saved?
it is stored in a directory named '.ApacheDirectoryStudio' under user's home directory on
the system where Studio was installed
> (4) my goal is to be able to remotely administer the Server, config etc.

hmmm, I don't think you can edit the remote server's configuration. But you can edit a configuration
through Studio and export the changes back to server manually (e.x scp the file)
> iiuc, that either requires
>  (a) a locally-installed instance of Studio on each/every box i use to
> administer

this is an option but might be a overkill.
>  (b) a full X11 env on the server, served via, e.g., VNC to a remote box
X11 is not required if you can export the modified configuration file using scp or some other

>  (c) a web-administration capability.  _does_ Studio have one?

> must something like phpldapadmin be setup/used?
no idea about this tool

> help's appreciated!
> thanks.

Kiran Ayyagari

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