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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: Building trunk, was: [ApacheDS embedded] Deadlock accessing schema
Date Sat, 25 Apr 2009 22:40:22 GMT
Hi Jörg,

thanks for the report.

I removed the mitosis module from the poms, it was removed some time ago.

I have no clue how to solve the cyclic dependency you detected...


Jörg Schaible schrieb:
> Jörg Schaible wrote at Dienstag, 21. April 2009 08:57:
> [snip]
>> I'll try to check it out and build it. We'll see ...
> I've checked out trunk of apacheds, shared and daemon. Building daemon and
> shared went fine, but building apacheds from root misses
> in
> module xbean-spring. This is kinda strange, because you both modules are in
> the reactor. However, you've defined in reality a dependency cycle, because
> module server-xml declares module xbean-spring as dep, but module
> xbean-spring uses server-xml directly in the configuration of the
> dependency-plugin. Therefore the cycle cannot be detected by Maven in
> advance and even more Maven is not able to build the deps in proper
> sequence.
> As best practice you should use the artifactItems element (and therefore the
> unpack goal) in the dependency-plugin's configuration only for artifacts
> that are never build in the same reactor build. For elements part of the
> reactor you should add the artifact as real dep (possibly with provided or
> test scope), use goal unpack-dependencies and select these deps with the
> configuration elements of that goal. However, in your case it will only
> make the dep cycle explicit, but not solve the problem.
> The only possibility currently for me to build was to comment out the
> dependency-plugin in xbean-spring module, build that one skipping the build
> of the tests, build the server-xml module afterwards and was then able to
> build from the apacheds root again (*).
> *) Well, not quite right. server-xml/pom declares a dep to
> org.apacheds.server:mitosis:1.5.5-SNAPSHOT that is not part of the apacheds
> nor of the shared component. However, I simply dropped that dep in the POM
> (since it was test only) and the server-xml module could be build without
> problem (incl. tests).
> - Jörg

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