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From Martin Alderson <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] OutOfMemoryError
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2009 18:33:06 GMT
Hi Alex,

I'm using the default which seems to be -Xmx64m.

I've just remembered and dug up a JIRA from last year that looks likely 
to be the cause of this:

This looks to be fixed but unfortunately not yet released.  I'll either 
have to upgrade my projects version of ApacheDS to trunk which I'm not 
too keen on (and would be a fair bit of work as I have interceptors 
built for ApacheDS 1.5.1), or backport the fix from that JIRA.

The fix is mentioned as "adding an ExecutorFilter on the WRITE 
EventType" which was made to LdapService.  This class didn't exist in 
ApacheDS 1.5.1 so does anyone know where the equivalent code was back 
then (no worries if not, I should be able to trace the SVN logs back)? 
Also does this fix depend upon MINA 2?



Alex Karasulu wrote:
> How much memory are you running with on your JVM?
> Alex
> On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 6:07 PM, Martin Alderson <>wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm just running some tests on ApacheDS 1.5.4 on Windows.
>> I have added 25000 simple users to ou=users,ou=system [1].  After running
>> the following LDAP search command I get between 1789 and 5179 results each
>> time before an OutOfMemoryError is produced by the server.
>> I'm not really sure why this is happening - shouldn't each search result
>> entry be discarded after it has been sent back to the client?
>> Thanks,
>> Martin
>> [1] The format of the users added is:
>> dn: uid=user1,ou=users,ou=system
>> objectclass: person
>> objectclass: organizationalPerson
>> objectclass: inetOrgPerson
>> objectclass: top
>> cn: user1
>> displayname: test user
>> sn: test
>> uid: test1

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