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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Apache DS
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2009 18:13:34 GMT
>  can you tell me when Apache DS
>> 2.0 is scheduled for release ??

It's important to understand how OSS isdriven. We don't have sale
persons who oversell a product, promising a date they don't have any
idea if it can be met, but having enough level of management to put
high pressure on developpers to get it done (or not, it depends) for
the expected date.
All the people working on the project are volunteers. We do our best,
and time is the only element we don't masterize. It has some
advantages, though : we don't have pressure to get a bad version, full
of bugs, out, just to get a client pay a few hundred of thousands $,
and we can differ it until we are confident the product is 'good

So we just deliver a product, when it's ready. The usual answer to
such a question ("when will the XXX version be released") is typically
: "When it will be ready".

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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