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From Nicola Tuveri <>
Subject Samba PDC w/ ApacheDS LDAP Backend
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2009 16:25:21 GMT
as you can guess from the object, I am trying to configure Samba to act as
a Primary Domain Controller using LDAP as back-end and ApacheDS as LDAP

Unfortunately I did not found any documentation regarding this particular
setup, excepting few messages on mailing lists asserting the setup is
possible; therefore I tried to adapt the equivalent configuration which
uses OpenLDAP as LDAP server to fit my needs.

The problem is that, once configured the ApacheDS partition, the
smbldap-tools and the samba server, I cannot populate the LDAP tree because
it fails reporting some errors (log attached), from which I guess the LDAP
does not recognize some OID of the samba schema.

This is the sequence of actions I have done until now:

* Installed ApacheD 1.5.4 on Centos 5.2
* Duplicated the default instance for testing
** cp -a /var/lib/apacheds/default /var/lib/apacheds/prova
** mkdir -p /var/{log,run}/apacheds/prova
** chown -R apacheds:apacheds /var/{lib,log,run}/apacheds/prova 
* Edited /var/lib/apacheds/prova/conf/server.xml with Apache Directory
Studio (file in the attachment)
* Started the "prova" istance (it contains only ou=system and ou=schema ,
in the attachment as ldif export)
** /etc/init.d/apacheds start prova
* Installed and configured smbldap-tools
** yum install -y smbldap-tools
** /etc/smbldap-tools/smbldap_bind.conf (in the attachment)
** /etc/smbldap-tools/smbldap.conf
* Configured samba
** /etc/samba/smb.conf (in the attachment)
* Attempt to populate the LDAP tree:
** smbldap-populate (failure log in the attachment)

The files in the attachment are exactly the same in use in the server.

Could you possibly give me some help or documentation reference?

Thanks in advance,
Dott. Ing. Nicola Tuveri
Area Tecnica


ITfor s.r.l.
Corso Svizzera, 185
10149 Torino (TO) - Italy
Phone: +39.011.7509792
Fax: +39.011.7778959

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