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From Java Guy <>
Subject Help with ContextEntry of server.xml for custom partition
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2009 22:24:55 GMT

I was wondering if someone could help me in putting in the correct values for ContextEntry
of a custom partition in server.xml. 

I've recently inherited a very creaky, legacy app that used openldap.  Unfortunately the hardware
at my disposal is only windows and the openldap win32 version we tried to use has a max of
64 concurrent connections -- hence my trials w/ apacheds(also have a side project to try to
compile w/ cygwin).   I'm fairly new to LDAP and after a couple of days, I'm at a bit of a

So here's what I've done + other facts:
1.  I'm using Apacheds 1.0.2, only b/c the documentation is much better.
2.  There is a custom schema, and I've managed to generate code for a custom schema, package
the jar and drop it into apacheds/lib/ext folder.  I've also enabled the schema in server.xml
3.  A point to note; the schema isn't VALID in that I have to disable schema checking
4.  I can start apacheds after all this w/ no problems or stacktraces.  I've changed
to log on INFO
5.  My problem is that I can't load an .ldif that is a dump of openldap.  I am guessing that
my ContextEntry is wrong...I've been tweaking forever to try to match my root element, but
I'd appreciate any help

I've attached:
- server.xml (note that the new partition is called "localPartitionConfiguration")
- ldif

Any help would be very much appreciated!

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