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From Cheong Chung Onn <>
Subject What is ModifyTimestamp operation attribute expected behavior?
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2009 03:53:20 GMT
Hi Emmanuel and All,

We discovered this hidden feature of ApacheDS which we thought is ultra 
cool but it works only under a certain condition which we yet to determine.

Here's the scenario. We have a containing(parent) entry which has 2 
attributes whose syntaxes are DN ( These 
2 attributes in turn are holding the DN some other entries as shown below.

===========     ==========
| Attr A  | --> | Entry A|
|         |     ==========
|         |     ==========
| Attr B  | --> | Entry B|
===========     ==========

When we modify Entry A, its "modifyTimestamp" changed as expected, 
however what is interesting is the containing/parent entry's 
"modifyTimestamp" attribute is also changed. If this is is an expected 
behavior of apacheDS then it is ultra cool, is the a hidden feature?

However, if we modify Entry B, its "modifyTimestamp" also changed as 
expected, but the containing entry's "modifyTimestamp" remains unchanged 

Btw - ObjectClass is indexed in this partition :-)

This leads me to ask another question pertaining to alias. Will an alias 
entry "modifyTimestamp" get updated when its referenced entry is modified?


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