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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: Using Ldaps With Apacheds 1.5.5
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2008 14:40:19 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>> Overwriting the keys for uid=admin,ou=system did not work out
>> as expected so that we had to use our own ldapserver class.

This overwriting is really hard, because one has to modify at least 
three attribute values (private key, public key, cetificate). The 
biggest problem is the private key. If you use keytool to create your 
keypair, which would be a good choice to recommend, because it is part 
of JDK, you are not able to export your private key out of the keystore. 
The tool does not provide this functionality, I guess for security 

I therefore had to use tools normally not available to an admin ...

> I think we have to modify the way the server is initialized. Allowing 
> the server to use an external keystore should be possible. I will try to 
> modify the server in order to add such a configuration possible. 
> Hopefully, this will be added to the upcoming 1.5.5 version.

This would be nice, at least for some users. And for me from an VSLDAP 
point of view.

The main advantage of the current implementation is that the private key 
is in the DIT and therefore save (if the server is). But if someone 
wants to modify it, s/he has to store it with an LDAP client, which is 
obviously a bad thing (exporting the key and sending it over the wire).

A disadvantage of the keystore approach is that you have to provide a 
password in order to access the private key. The password must be 
written somewhere in the configuration, which is bad as well, because it 
threats the private key.

My favorite would be an extended operation, which stores the key pair in 
the DIT and creates a certificate and perhaps a certificate signing 
request (CSR). This would really be great, because the parameters of the 
extended operation could contain the parameters for key creation etc., 
and it would be easy to write a UI for studio etc. Perhaps something for 
the 2.0 ...

Greetings from Hamburg,

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