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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject [Studio] Discussion about the release model
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2008 16:52:21 GMT
Hi Users and Dev,

Back in January 2008 we discussed in [1] about the release model of
Apache Directory Studio, whether we should have release candidates or
not. At that time we decided to introduce release candidates.

Now, almost one year later I think we should reconsider this decision.
Pierre-Arnaud and I discussed about the release model.

In 2008 we released the following versions of Studio:
1.1.0 RC1
1.1.0 RC2
1.2.0 RC1
1.3.0 RC1
1.3.0 RC2
1.3.0 (in a view days)

In the last vote about the final 1.3.0 release we discussed whether we
could just declare the 1.3.0-RC2 packages as 1.3.0 or if we need to
create new packages (with no code change, just new labels).

I think we could avoid such discussions if we switch back to the old
release model: Once we have enough new features we relaese a new x.y.0
version, Then if a major bug is reported we release a x.y.1 and x.y.2,
but only if necessary.

Pierre-Arnaud and I collected some arguments, please feel free to add
you own.

Pro RCs:
- helps to not release a really buggy final version
- better suits to common Open Source release model

Contra RCs:
- has less impact on the audience
- increases the number of release (which is time consuming)
- the feedback we've had from the RCs is very low, we've not received a
lot of jiras
- increases the number of uploads, downloads and space required on
apache and mirror servers and on the maven repository

I especially want to ask the users of Apache Directory Studio: Do you
use release candidates or do you wait for the final release? Do you
prefer to have one or two release candidates or doesn't it matter?


Kind Regards,


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