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From Oswaldo Cavalcanti Dantas <>
Subject [ApacheDS] lookup in EJB unnecessarely appending "JNDI Lookup" parameter
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2008 12:09:44 GMT

I'm developing an EJB to do some operations like password verification
against a LDAP server and creation of users in such server.
For tests, I'm using ApacheDS for LDAP and GlassFish for the EJB
container. Everything works as documented in
in the "Sample code with JNDI".
Running as an EJB, I want to use the LDAP as an External JNDI Resource
so the application server can manage a pool for me, but that gives me a
problem when I call the lookup method on the DirContext.
Basically, in GlassFish I set the "JNDI name" to "ldap/example" and the
"JNDI Lookup" to "dc=example,dc=com". In the EJB I can get the reference
to the ldap/example annotating the ctx with "@Resource(name =
"ldap/example")", wich is correctly authenticated and allows me to do
the search for the user.
After finding it and getting it's dn, the "ctx.lookup(dn);" line gives
me a NameNotFoundException where I can see it tried to find a
uid=username,ou=users,dc=example,dc=com,dc=example,dc=com, like it was
appending what I've set for the JNDI Lookup parameter in Glassfish.
Doing some string manipulation and comparing the hash password instead
of doing the lookup, I have a working version, but as I understand it
isn't the recomended solution as I'll have to code a lot of
verifications that are already done inside the LDAP server (like
encoding the password with the appropriate algorithm).
So, has anyone encountered a similar problem?

´╗┐Oswaldo Cavalcanti Dantas J├║nior

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