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From "B G" <>
Subject [ApacheDS] 1.5.4 and Mitosis
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2008 03:41:07 GMT
Can anyone tell me if replication via the mitosis module is supported in
version 1.5.4 of apache ds?

I have used this to great success in version 1.5.1, but have had no luck in
1.5.4. This could be a problem that I am causing, but I cannot get anything
to work at all. I have spent much time debugging and there were a couple
things I was able to "fix", by altering the mitosis code (not sure if it the
right fix), but now I am totally stuck.

Mitosis adds 3 attributes to every node: entryDeleted, entryCSN, and
entryUUID...this was the case in 1.5.1. The schema for entryCSN and
entryUUID state that they are octetString with octetStringMatch. When I look
this up on the net I found that this attribute type may or may not be human
readable and the apache schema says it is not human readable so therefore
binary. The mitosis code adds strings for values of these attributes and
basically these values never get added, but instead ignored with no warning
or error because the attribute is binary...NullPointer down the road. I
changed the values to be binary and got further, but later, in some cases,
there is ClassCastException with comparator casting String to binary[]. This
is much more in the core of the directory code and definitely beyond my
level of understanding and of course introduced by my changing the string
values to byte[], but I saw no way around it with just touching the mitosis
code and not the schema.

I does seem to me that there is something fundamentally weird with
attributes of type octetString and/or something incompaitible with the
mitosis code's use of this attribute type.
I totally appreciate any help and this all could certainly be a total
misunderstanding on my part, but I have read what info I can find and have
spent a lot of time in the code, but am now wondering if I will be able to
upgrade to 1.5.4 and still use replication?

Again thanks a lot for any info...

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